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Our Mission
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Our Core Values
Fostering a partnership-based relationship for the best possible outcomes. With our clients and our team.
At all times, we aim to achieve the optimum for our clients on their unique journey.
We consistently create forward-thinking solutions that are timely and offer maximum benefit to our clients.

Our Mission

We're shaping the digital world of tomorrow—a world where businesses operate more efficiently through digital means, engage with their customers in a more personalized way, and offer new value through outstanding online services. It's a world where customers discover a digital service oasis, rather than a desert. Here, generative AI is employed for the greatest possible prosperity of all, benefiting companies, their employees, and their customers alike from this technological advancement.

Our Journey

Foundation as Axiolytics GmbH

Marco Bürckel, at the age of 31, established the company in the summer of 2017 as a software architecture consultancy, originally named Axiolytics. The name, a portmanteau of 'Axiom' and 'Analytics,' symbolically represented the thorough and complete exploration of a subject.

Company Gains Momentum

A series of ambitious consulting projects, including those with Daimler AG and Beuth Verlag, gave the fledgling company a boost. The first employees were hired, and the company established its premises in Wörth am Rhein.

Rebranding as axio concept GmbH

Sometimes, an idea doesn't work out as well in practice as it does on paper. The company's name was perceived as abstract and difficult to understand. Since our core business revolves around exceptional architectural concepts, we decided to rename the company to axio concept GmbH.

Expansion and Larger Projects

The company grew to five employees and began developing larger software projects in the realm of cloud computing. This period also marked the company's initial foray into machine learning. Digital content platforms and CX became a significant focus in many projects.

Launch of the Data Science Department

Recognizing the immense potential of AI for industry and society, we were eager to actively shape this future. We established a dedicated working group for AI and embarked on our first consulting projects in this field.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic necessitated finding new ways of daily interaction. Thanks to our strategic orientation, business continued almost without interruption, and there was no need for short-time work.

Further Growth and Structural Revisions

With 10 employees, we continued to enhance our expertise in digital platforms and AI. The increase in team size necessitated a reevaluation of processes and methodologies. We also undertook a major EU-funded research project on AI, laying the groundwork for a modular approach to AI implementation in businesses.

Transformation 22/23

Marco Bürckel introduced a new company strategy focused on clear specialization and strong systematization within our portfolio. This aimed to deliver faster results while maintaining high quality for our clients.

New Location and Continued Growth

We moved into our new premises, spanning approximately 430 sqm in the South Palatinate region of Kandel, and further expanded our team. Focusing on generative AI and CX, we advanced our new company strategy, delivering new value in customer-centric processes for our clients.

Working at Axio

Become Part of our Team!

With our specialized approach and unique agency model, we occupy a distinct position as a technology service provider in Germany. As one of the leading technology companies in the Palatinate, we undertake significant digitalization projects across Germany and Europe.

Our focus on cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI, trustworthy AI, and scalable content platforms ensures a variety of challenging tasks, making for an engaging and dynamic work environment.

Why you should work with us:
  • Excellent team atmosphere in a supportive environment.
  • Access to unique and exclusive expertise that is hard to find elsewhere.
  • Structured onboarding with internal workshops and supplemental learning videos.
  • Stable employment and personalized career opportunities aligned with your goals.
  • Modern, air-conditioned workspaces designed for both focused individual work and collaborative team efforts.
  • Consistently good work-life balance offering considerable flexibility in terms of time and location.
Reasons you might not want to apply:
  • You prefer not to learn new things and like working with the same technology stack for extended periods.
  • You'd rather join one of the many technology service providers that take on any job vaguely related to programming, where no two days are predictable, and you constantly move from one fire to the next.
  • You're not interested in AI, customer-centric processes, the intelligent processing of digital (multimedia) content, or documents.
  • You think solely in terms of technologies without considering the underlying business. We're looking for creative problem solvers eager to make an impact in the world.
Open Positions

Marketing and Sales Working Student (all genders)

We'll skip the intro and prerequisites for now. Want to know what we do? Check out our website. Curious if you're a good fit? Review the tasks below. Your gut will tell you if you generally meet the requirements.

  • Collaborate on our social media activities, planning and executing content across channels in tandem with our departments.
  • Assist in setting up and configuring advertising campaigns.
  • Help with creating YouTube videos, including editing and post-production.
  • Create infographics, using tools like Canva.

Please send your comprehensive online application via Email. We look forward to getting to know you.


Marco Bürckel
Founder, Managing Director, and Lead Consultant
Marco Bürckel is the lead consultant for all matters related to customer-centric processes and scalable workflows.
He shows you how to achieve new value and efficiency enhancements in your processes with AI and helps you eliminate risks and obstacles.
Over the past ten years, Marco Bürckel has accompanied several DAX corporations and large, medium-sized companies in the conception and creation of comprehensive digital platforms and AI applications, playing a leading role in advancing the digitalization of various processes in value creation.
In 2017, he founded axio concept GmbH, which today supports significant digitalization projects across Europe with around twenty employees.
Kevin Braun
Head of Technology and AI Consulting Lead
Kevin Braun is responsible for our technological direction and heads the AI consulting services.
He ensures that AI automations in your company not only achieve the best possible results but are also trustworthy and secure.
Kevin provides comprehensive support to medium-sized businesses and large corporations in all aspects of Artificial Intelligence. His expertise in conception and consulting significantly contributes to the success of ambitious digitalization projects. His experience as a software architect also enables him to ensure the seamless and efficient integration of AI systems into your company's IT landscape.
Christoph Weber
Head of Operations
Christoph Weber is an expert in standardizing and automating business processes and a specialist in the architecture of digital platforms. At axio concept, he oversees the operational business.
He demonstrates how to build scalable digital platforms and systematize and automate workflows.
Christoph combines extensive business knowledge with technical know-how and has played a leading role in driving innovation at various medium-sized companies at axio concept over the last five years.

More about Us

We are axio concept! Our team focuses on one thing: making your company successful and scalable in the digital world. We are aware of the groundbreaking potential of Artificial Intelligence and want to support you in getting the most out of this new technology for you and your customers.

Since our founding in 2017, we have been assisting medium-sized businesses and corporations in setting new standards in content business models and process automation.

We combine our profound expertise in Artificial Intelligence, IT architecture, and software engineering with an understanding of business, sales, and the processes behind them.

Our team consists of product visionaries, marketing experts, IT specialists, software architects, and data scientists. At every step towards realizing your project, you can count on us and always have the right expert at your disposal.

But why not get to know us personally? Book a non-binding strategy consultation with us now! We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

The partnership with axio concept GmbH represents a significant advancement for us in terms of efficiency and innovation. We value their expertise and look forward to continued collaboration.
Sebastian Kriegsmann, DIN e.V.

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