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Reduce Costs
Through Streamlined Processes
Automate your business processes and equip your teams with AI co-pilots that enhance knowledge management and streamline onboarding.
The Digital Upgrade for Your Processes
Effectively reduce the processing time of your operations and eliminate routine tasks
Centralize knowledge access for everyone and minimize disparities in employee experiences
Simplify processes for your employees and ensure they become productive more quickly
Want to know the real impact of AI automation on your processes?
Why not have it calculated for you?
With our AI ROI Report - your roadmap for AI strategy!
Unfortunately, the AI ROI service is currently only available in German. We will release an English version by the end of April 2024! Stay tuned and check back in a few days.

Our Services

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Process Automation
AI-Automated Support Portals
Target Audience
Enhance your customer support with an advanced portal that leverages AI automation for efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Service Format:
3 - 6 Months
Fixed Price
Key Services:
  • Automated answering of common questions
  • Proposed solutions to complex problems for support staff with our AI copilot
  • Self-learning knowledge base that grows with every customer interaction
  • Custom integration with your ticketing system
Automated Proposal Generation
Target Audience:
Reduce the processing time for sales inquiries. Our AI researches similar past offers, automatically suggests terms and additional proposals, and compiles the document based on your rules.
Service Format:
2 - 4 Months
Fixed Price
Key Services:
  • Seamlessly integrated into your ERP and CRM systems
  • Suggestions for cross-selling and upselling opportunities via AI copilot
  • Learns from existing proposals
Onboarding & Wissensmanagement
Stelle deinen Teams eine allwissende KI-Assistenz zur Seite, die Prozesswissen stets griffbereit hat und gerade Neulingen im Team dabei hilft, schnell produktiv zu werden.
1 - 3 Monate
Fixpreis, T&M
Die wichtigsten Leistungen:
  • Lernt aus Daten in euren IT-Systemen, Datenbanken und Dokumenten und ist immer up-to-date
  • Individuelles Chatbot-Interface im Look and Feel eures Unternehmens
  • Hilft deinen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern mit Tests und Quizzes, um wichtiges Wissen schnell zu festigen
Data Science and AI Consulting
Generative AI: Secure Enterprise Usage
Gain a clear understanding of use cases, potential, and risks associated with deploying generative AI in your business.
Service Format
3 Months
Fixed Price
Key Services
  • Personalized 1:1 Consulting
  • GDPR and IT-Security Concept
  • Goal Setting with Measurable Success Criteria
Data Science: Uncover Correlations and Save Costs
Quickly identify cause and effect in your company data and use the insights gained to cut costs or predict trends with high certainty.
Service Format
3 - 6 Months
Fixed Price
Key Services
  • Pattern recognition and data analysis based on statistics and cutting-edge machine learning methods
  • Provision of an AI that can be integrated with your IT systems and continuously learn from your data
  • Accompanying one-on-one consulting for optimal use in process automation and decision-making
How It Works
The Right Strategy

After a non-binding initial consultation, we support you in developing a clear goal definition with measurable criteria. Together, we examine all the important aspects of your idea, such as:

  • Added values and potentials
  • A concept for optimal integration with your process and system landscape
  • A clear roadmap for implementation
Detailed Concept

As we realize the first version of your AI automation, we coordinate with your technical or IT department on all important details, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded concept:

  • A concept for data protection and safeguarding your intellectual property
  • Coordination of optimal integration into your company's data world
  • Focus on scalability and stability of the overall solution
Pilot Deployment and Optimization

Together with representatives from your technical department, we test the first version of the process automation and conduct extensive, systematic monitoring to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the solution.

Based on these insights, we optimize the automation and deliver new versions at short intervals.


We ensure that your AI goes live as scheduled and operates smoothly. We support the initial phase after launch and guarantee the performance and functionality of your AI.

Customer Testimonials

Sebastian Kriegsmann
Head of Digital Infrastructure and IT-Services (CIO)
Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.

Working with axio concept GmbH has proven to be a pivotal step in our digital transformation.

Their profound understanding of our strategic goals and the ability to implement these with advanced AI solutions and digital components has deeply impressed us.

Sven Bergander
Head of Digital Platforms
Beuth Verlag GmbH

The team at axio impresses with their ability to quickly and efficiently turn innovative concepts into practical solutions, in both software engineering and the field of AI.

We particularly value their pragmatic approach, which enables us to effectively tackle complex challenges. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with axio concept and are confident that our joint journey will continue to be marked by success.

Giuseppe Zitelli
Product Owner
Triestram & Partner GmbH

Collaborating with axio concept GmbH greatly enriches our product development. Their profound understanding of technology and architecture assists us in effectively realizing our product visions. We view axio concept GmbH as a valuable partner in our journey of innovation and would recommend them at any time.

Jochen Hildebrandt

The axio team is creative, helpful, and efficient. They excel at turning innovative ideas into reality with the help of cutting-edge technology. I highly recommend axio as a technology partner!

Dr.-Ing. Henning Agt-Rickauer
Project Lead
DIN Software GmbH

Thanks to a successful AI project with axio concept GmbH, we've made a significant leap towards implementing semantic search in standards.

Their AI solution facilitates a seamless integration of NLP models and provides a user-friendly web interface to display results quickly and effectively.

Successful Projects
Years of Collective Experience

Your Point of Contact

Marco Bürckel
Founder, Managing Director, and Lead Consultant
Marco Bürckel is the lead consultant for all matters related to customer-centric processes and scalable workflows.
He shows you how to achieve new value and efficiency enhancements in your processes with AI and helps you eliminate risks and obstacles.
Over the past ten years, Marco Bürckel has accompanied several DAX corporations and large, medium-sized companies in the conception and creation of comprehensive digital platforms and AI applications, playing a leading role in advancing the digitalization of various processes in value creation.
In 2017, he founded axio concept GmbH, which today supports significant digitalization projects across Europe.
Kevin Braun
Head of Technology and AI Consulting Lead
Kevin Braun is responsible for our technological direction and heads the AI consulting services.
He ensures that AI automations in your company not only achieve the best possible results but are also trustworthy and secure.
Kevin provides comprehensive support to medium-sized businesses and large corporations in all aspects of Artificial Intelligence. His expertise in conception and consulting significantly contributes to the success of ambitious digitalization projects. His experience as a software architect also enables him to ensure the seamless and efficient integration of AI systems into your company's IT landscape.
Theodor Houghton-Larsen
Senior Consultant for Generative AI & Customer Experience
Theodor Houghton-Larsen is an expert in processes along the customer journey and excels at improving and designing workflows from a user's perspective. He ensures that AI automations optimally support your staff and are seamlessly integrated into their daily work routines.
Theodor has been engaged with the possibilities of generative AI from the outset and possesses outstanding expertise in the commercial application of this technology. He plays a key role in the conceptual design of our AI automations.

Who We Are

We are axio concept! Our team focuses on one thing: making your company successful and scalable in the digital world. We are aware of the groundbreaking potential of Artificial Intelligence and want to support you in getting the most out of this new technology for you and your customers.

Since our founding in 2017, we have been assisting medium-sized businesses and corporations in setting new standards in content business models and process automation.

We combine our profound expertise in Artificial Intelligence, IT architecture, and software engineering with an understanding of business, sales, and the processes behind them.

Our team consists of product visionaries, marketing experts, IT specialists, software architects, and data scientists. At every step towards realizing your project, you can count on us and always have the right expert at your disposal.

But why not get to know us personally? Book a non-binding strategy consultation with us now! We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

The partnership with axio concept GmbH represents a significant advancement for us in terms of efficiency and innovation. We value their expertise and look forward to continued collaboration.
Sebastian Kriegsmann, DIN e.V.

Häufige Fragen

Why should I invest in AI automation when off-the-shelf enterprise software often already includes AI features?

Integrated AI in enterprise software can be of great value. However, there are often several challenges in its deployment:

  • Cross-application workflows cannot be automated
  • Customizability to individual needs is limited
  • Many AI features in SaaS products are not GDPR compliant
  • A provider might offer the desired AI function, but the complex, costly, and error-prone migration from your current software often isn't worthwhile

Even if some applications already include useful AI components, AI process automation should be considered across systems and applications to fully leverage its potential.

How does your AI automation differ from custom software?

Classic custom software is designed from scratch for your specific needs and often implemented by a technology service provider. Our AI automations differ from this approach in several ways:

  • Our AI processes are largely pre-conceived and already implemented
  • Customization is only necessary for interfaces and special requirements
  • Implementation is significantly faster than with individually developed AI
  • You benefit from proven software and our expertise in this field

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Marco Bürckel
Managing Director

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