Next Level
Customer Experience
Create a unique digital customer experience that sets your business apart.
Because Your Customers Have Become More Demanding
A website alone is no longer enough. Elevate your company's digital offerings to the next level and make digital touchpoints with your brand an outstanding experience:
Added Value for Customers
Provide digital content, exclusive online services, and additional offers that complement your products and services.
Create a personalized, seamless experience across all digital touchpoints.
On-Demand Support
Offer immediate help and advice, exactly where and when it is needed.
Studies underscore the importance for companies to invest in an outstanding digital customer experience 1, 2:
of customers expect a consistent digital experience across all channels
of customers find customer experience as important as the product or service itself
of B2B customers expect a personalized customer experience for their business
Digital Customer Experience Redefined
Leveraging AI and market-leading technologies, we create a unique digital suite of services that delights your customers with a seamless, personalized online experience.
More Conversions
Thanks to interactive web experiences, intelligent personalization, and sales-optimized landing pages, you can target customers more effectively and achieve more sales.
Customer Loyalty
With new digital services, you offer your customers a better experience, thereby increasing their loyalty to your brand.
New Insights
Based on the usage behavior of your extended digital offerings, you gain more insights into your prospects and customers and their preferences.

Our Services

Instantly bookable. Ready to go. Immediate results.
More customer experience. More digital excellence. More customers. More growth. Digital transformation as it should be. Book your digital upgrade for your business.
Digital Touchpoints
Portals & Customer Areas
Provide digital content, additional services, or self-service portals related to your products or services.
Service Format
2 - 4 Months
Fixed Price
Key Services
  • AI-based content personalization for increased relevance and user engagement
  • Easy editorial management of digital content
  • Custom integration with your systems (e.g., CMS, CRM)
AI-Automated Support Portals
Target Audience
Enhance your customer support with an advanced portal that leverages AI automation for efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Service Format:
3 - 6 Months
Fixed Price
Key Services:
  • Automated solutions for common questions
  • Self-learning knowledge base that grows with every customer interaction
  • Custom integration with your ticketing system
AI Chatbots for Lead Engagement
Target Audience
Enhance your sales with AI-powered chatbots designed for sales consultation to interactively assist customers in product selection.
Service Format:
4 - 8 Weeks
Fixed Price
Key Services:
  • Interactive product advice and real-time recommendations
  • Increased engagement through personalized interactions
  • Improved conversion rates through proactive customer engagement
Automated Delivery of Personalized Offers and Newsletters
Target Audience
Utilizing AI and your customer data, compile personalized offers, product information, and newsletters, and automatically send them based on individualized rules.
Service Format:
1 - 3 Months
Fixed Price
Key Services:
  • Seamlessly integrated with your CRM
  • Connection to various digital channels (Email, Social Media Messenger)
  • Personalized content and messaging
Our Expertise
As a full-service digital agency, we provide strategic, consultative, and development support, elevating your Customer Experience to the next level together with you.
Benefit from our consulting in CX, digital marketing, business models, and AI, backed by extensive experience from over 50 projects and more than 80 years of combined team experience.
Customer Experience
Rely on our expertise in designing attractive and intuitive user interfaces, sales-optimized web presences, and compelling copywriting.
Technology Expertise
Depend on comprehensive know-how in software architecture, artificial intelligence, IT security, and cloud services, and let your digital offerings be technologically perfectly staged.

Our Collaboration

Strategy Discussion and Idea Development
Through our appointment calendar, you can send us a non-binding inquiry. We will arrange a meeting to discuss your goals.
Your time commitment: A total of 2 - 3 hours
Implementation Concept
We will present to you a holistic concept for your new Customer Experience. We cover all important aspects, including technology, marketing, customer avatar, ad texts, design, and security.
Your time commitment: A total of 3 - 4 hours
Agile Implementation
During the realization phase, testable interim results are produced at short intervals, which we present to you. In close coordination, we regularly ensure that the results meet your expectations.
Your time commitment: A total of 4 - 8 hours
Go-Live and Quality Assurance
We ensure that your project goes live on the agreed-upon date and functions smoothly. We accompany the initial phase after publication and ensure the performance and functionality of your website or platform.
Your time commitment: A total of 2 - 4 hours

Our Clients on Collaborating with Us

Sebastian Kriegsmann
Head of Digital Infrastructure and IT-Services (CIO)
Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.

Working with axio concept GmbH has proven to be a pivotal step in our digital transformation.

Their profound understanding of our strategic goals and the ability to implement these with advanced AI solutions and digital components has deeply impressed us.

Sven Bergander
Head of Digital Platforms
Beuth Verlag GmbH

The team at axio impresses with their ability to quickly and efficiently turn innovative concepts into practical solutions, in both software engineering and the field of AI.

We particularly value their pragmatic approach, which enables us to effectively tackle complex challenges. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with axio concept and are confident that our joint journey will continue to be marked by success.

Giuseppe Zitelli
Product Owner
Triestram & Partner GmbH

Collaborating with axio concept GmbH greatly enriches our product development. Their profound understanding of technology and architecture assists us in effectively realizing our product visions. We view axio concept GmbH as a valuable partner in our journey of innovation and would recommend them at any time.

Jochen Hildebrandt

The axio team is creative, helpful, and efficient. They excel at turning innovative ideas into reality with the help of cutting-edge technology. I highly recommend axio as a technology partner!

Dr.-Ing. Henning Agt-Rickauer
Project Lead
DIN Software GmbH

Thanks to a successful AI project with axio concept GmbH, we've made a significant leap towards implementing semantic search in standards.

Their AI solution facilitates a seamless integration of NLP models and provides a user-friendly web interface to display results quickly and effectively.

Successful Projects
Years of Collective Experience

Your Point of Contact

Marco Bürckel
Founder, Managing Director, and Lead Consultant
Marco Bürckel is the lead consultant for all matters concerning customer-centric processes and Customer Experience.
He will show you how to create new value with AI, design your digital offerings seamlessly and personalized, and achieve better results in digital marketing.
Over the last ten years, Marco Bürckel has accompanied several DAX corporations and large, mid-sized companies in the conception and creation of comprehensive digital platforms and AI applications, driving the digitalization of various processes in value creation.
In 2017, he founded axio concept GmbH, which today supports significant digitalization projects across Europe with around twenty employees.
Kevin Braun
Head of Technology and AI Consulting Lead
Kevin Braun is responsible for our technological direction and leads the AI consulting.
He ensures that the use of AI in your digital offerings not only achieves the best possible results but is also trustworthy and secure.
Kevin supports medium-sized businesses and large corporations comprehensively in all aspects of Artificial Intelligence. Through his expertise in conception and consulting, he significantly contributes to the success of ambitious digitalization projects. His experience as a software architect also allows him to ensure the seamless and efficient integration of AI systems into your company's IT landscape.
Theodor Houghton-Larsen
Senior Consultant for Generative AI & CX
Theodor Houghton-Larsen is an expert in processes along the Customer Journey and a master at improving and designing workflows from the users' perspective.
He ensures that AI automation provides the best possible support for employees and is optimally integrated into their daily work routine.
Theodor has been engaged with the possibilities of generative AI from the beginning and possesses outstanding expertise in the business use of this technology.
Elevate Your Brand Digitally to the Next Level
Marco Bürckel
Founder & Managing Director
A well-thought-out digital offering can be a real value-add for your customers. However, it needs to be seamless and personalized, supporting the customer rather than working against them.
What use is a product portal with how-tos, learning videos, and best practices if customers don't get suggested the content they need?
What use is the newsletter that informs about news and offers if it doesn't adapt to their individual preferences?
What use is the comprehensive initial consultation with your consultants if the customer is then treated in service and with questions as if they had never had contact with your company before?
Take a look around - in situations where you are the customer. Many companies don't manage well to offer their customers a seamless, tailored experience. Do we feel connected with these companies? Do we consider this brand to be valuable? Hardly.
But what if you were to strive for excellence with a stringent digital strategy?
In the presentation of your offering?
In the delivery of content?
In findability?
In adaptability to the consumer's needs?
In personalization?
In presentation on various devices?
The result would be higher customer satisfaction. Better customer retention. A higher reputation for your brand. More conversions. More sales.
We help you to implement this vision in partnership and with extensive experience.

Who We Are

We are axio concept! Our team focuses on one thing: making your company successful and scalable in the digital world. We are aware of the groundbreaking potential of Artificial Intelligence and want to support you in getting the most out of this new technology for you and your customers.

Since our founding in 2017, we have been assisting medium-sized businesses and corporations in setting new standards in content business models and process automation.

We combine our profound expertise in Artificial Intelligence, IT architecture, and software engineering with an understanding of business, sales, and the processes behind them.

Our team consists of product visionaries, marketing experts, IT specialists, software architects, and data scientists. At every step towards realizing your project, you can count on us and always have the right expert at your disposal.

But why not get to know us personally? Book a non-binding strategy consultation with us now! We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

The partnership with axio concept GmbH represents a significant advancement for us in terms of efficiency and innovation. We value their expertise and look forward to continued collaboration.
Sebastian Kriegsmann, DIN e.V.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide whether your offer makes sense for us?

Your concerns and goals are discussed without obligation and free of charge before a collaboration. This way, we can jointly determine whether your project truly benefits from our offer. You wouldn't want to start an innovation project only to find that the results are lacking in the end. We feel the same way: we only work with clients whom we can provide with genuine, measurable added value. Anything else is frustrating for both parties.

Therefore, let's discuss your vision. In the best case, you will have found the right partner in us for something that really advances your company. In the worst case, we will share our concerns with you, and you will have received free expert advice for your further approach.

How long does it take to create a new Customer Experience or a web portal, and what are the costs?

Although our customized portal or Customer Experience development is individualized, it's highly systematized. For many requirements, we offer ready-made software modules and solution components that can significantly reduce development time and costs. Moreover, we work with proven industry standards.

However, each project brings its specific requirements and conditions. In most cases, there's also accompanying consultancy involved.

We estimate the specific effort and costs based on a non-binding exchange, tailored individually for you.

Get Your Free Initial Consultation

Your Contact
Marco Bürckel
Managing Director

Get to know us and our services in a free initial consultation without any obligation. This way, you'll gain an impression of our consulting services and receive important knowledge for your next steps, tailored to your specific situation, at no cost.